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Development of Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Wireless power transfer system for biomedical

Various of implantable medical device (IMD)

Concept of the IMD with wireless power transfer technology (a) pacemaker, (b) Deep brain stimulator

Wireless power transfer system in conductive medium

Underwater WPT system

Loss analysis of WPT system in conductive medium

Wireless power transfer system for electric vehicle and automated guided vehicle

WPT for Electric Vehicles (15 kW)

WPT for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) (4 kW)

Magnetic energy harvesting system

Magnetic energy harvester


Reactive shielding method

Magnetic shielding using reactive coil

EMC optimal design using AI
AI based engineering design
Modeling of various channel pattern in the server board
A conceptual illustration of signaling channel application to server board
Electromagnetic field (EMF) human exposure
Analysis of EMF human exposure using simulation