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Autonomous Driving Vehicles

VDC Lab autonomous driving demo (KAIST munji campus)
SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping)
Deep learning-based 3D object detection
GRIF Net (IROS 2020)
Published Literature
Deep learning-based vehicle motion prediction
Architecture of SCALE-Net
Motion prediction results based on SCALE-Net
SCALE-Net (IROS 2020)
Published LIterature
Reinforcement learning-based vehicle path planning
Decision making via finite state machine
Path planning based on policy-based RL

Electric Powertrain

HEV architecture studies
The comprehensive design process of power-split hybrid electric vehicles
Performance Assessment Map (designs toward left bottom side have outstanding performance)
Published Literature
Dog clutch research
Dog clutch engagement controller
Engine start control for parallel HEVs
Structure diagram of the pre-transmission parallel HEV with various starter motors. (a) P0-P2 type. (b) 12v+P2 type. (c) P2 only type
Overview of the P0-P2 engine-start control strategy (좌), Overview of the 12v+P2 engine-start control strategy(우)