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Eco-friendly mobility systems

Electric propulsion systems
Comparison analysis of inverter performance depending on EV battery voltage: 400V vs. 800V
Motor dynamo test setup: 5.5kW system for controller performance validation (left), 160kW system for comprehensive performance validation (right)
Inverter design, control, operating, and applying to upcycling systems considering cruise distance and lifetime of E-mobility
Motor drive system for large-scale electric propulsion ship
E-mobility charging systems
Optimal design of wireless charging coil and components for V2G and bi-directional high efficiency wireless charging system
Optimal design of system components and parameters for simultaneous charging of multi-receiver devices
Spread spectrum modulation based PFC system for EMI reduction
Renewable energy and distribution systems
DC distribution system based on solid state transformer (SST)
Power electronics systems + AI
ANN-based lifetime and energy consumption optimization operating method for electrification systems
ANN-based model predictive controller
Wireless EV Charging
Electric Powertrain