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A study on artificial intelligence applications

A study on reinforcement learning algorithm of AI robot soccer
Multi-goal reinforcement learning
A study on deep learning-based point cloud registration
Camera pose estimation using deep learning
A study on smart city mobility services using multi modal data
A Study on localization, path planning, and control of autonomous driving robots
6-1. Visual localization
6-2. Path planning
6-3. Mobile robot control utilizing reinforcement learning
A study on smart energy network technology

1. Development of an open-distributed-decentralized energy network and communication system for energy routers

2. Development of power management algorithm for nanogrids

3. Development of multi electric vehicle charging system for customer convenience-based parking tower for carbon neutrality

4. Development of electricity network operation and management technology based on smart meter measurement data

5. A hybrid graph neural network approach based optimal energy management for photovoltaic and dual energy storage system integrated with utility grid