2023 Spring MO Seminar

3.30(Thu) 16:00 – Prof. Ji-Woong Choi (DGIST Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

■ Title: Future in-vehicle networking for connected and autonomous driving
■ Speaker: Prof. Ji-Woong Choi(DGIST Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
■ Date: 3.30(Thu) 16:00
■ Abstract: Although various in-vehicle networks (IVNs) have been employed for the implementation of connected and autonomous driving, conventional IVNs such as CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, Flexray provide only a few Mbps transmission, making it difficult to support high-speed and low-latency communications among numerous sensors and controllers including camera, radar, and lidar. To mitigate these limitations, new IVN technologies have been recently deployed such as automotive Ethernet and Serdes. In this talk, these IVNs will be explained first, followed by the introduction of our recent results on future IVNs.