2023 Spring MO Seminar

3.16(Thu) 16:00 – Dr. Hong Bae (InnoMaximus Solution)

■ Title: Autonomous Driving: From DARPA Urban Challenge in 2007 to Level 3 in 2023
■ Speaker: Hong Bae Ph.D/Founder and CEO(InnoMaximus Solution)
■ Date and Time: 3.16(Thu) 16:00
■ Venue: Munji Campus, L409

■ Abstract: In the past 10 years, tremendous investments has been made in Autonomous Driving, leading to tangible results. The interest and plethora of activities in Autonomous Driving R&D across diverse technological field (and societal attention can be credited to the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. In this talk, drawing experienced from the winner of the Urban Challenge, technology advancements in Autonomous Driving from DARPA Challenge days to the latest Level 3 features in passenger cars are discussed.