Prof. Jang Kitae received NRF Award – 2024 Outstanding Mid-Career Research Grant Program Award


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We are excited to announce that Professor Jang Kitae has been honored with the National Research Foundation (NRF)’s award under the 2024 Outstanding Mid-Career Research Grant Program.

Professor Jang’s research addresses a vital issue in transportation, promising significant improvements in traffic management and road safety.

Congratulations to Professor Jang Kitae on this distinguished achievement!


Program: 2024 Outstanding Mid-Career Research Grant Program
Title: Operation Strategy of Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) based on Mechanism for Traffic Congestion in Uninterrupted Traffic Flow
Funder: NRF
Funding: 700 million won
Project Year: 2024-2027
Project Manager: Prof. Jang Kitae


Uninterrupted traffic flow roads, such as highways, are critical to South Korea’s transportation infrastructure, where vehicle movement is determined solely by interactions between vehicles. Congestion on these roads leads to significant social problems, including reduced mobility, increased logistics costs, and traffic accidents.

This study, led by Professor Jang, aims to investigate the mechanism of congestion formation from a microscopic perspective by collecting and analyzing real-world trajectory data at the onset of congestion. Moreover, it proposes a new traffic operation strategy to alleviate congestion based on the control of connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs). Through this innovative approach, the study seeks to enhance the efficiency and safety of uninterrupted traffic flow.