KAIST selected as host organization for national project to develop wireless power transmission technology for Electric Vehicles


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KAIST (Prof. Seungyoung Ahn) was selected as the lead research and development institution for the national project ‘Development of lightweight materials and electromagnetic wave reduction technology for wireless power transmission of 22 kW electric vehicles’. This project is managed by the Institute for Information and Communications Planning and Evaluation (IITP) under the Ministry of Science and ICT, and will be carried out from April 2024 to December 2027 with a total research and development budget of KRW 7.5 billion.

This project is a joint research project centered around KAIST and ETA Electronics (CEO Jeong-yong Nam, Tae-dong Yeo), BH EVS (CEO Jin-yong Kim), The Gauss (CEO Bong-ki Yoo), LS Cable & System (CEO Bon-gyu Koo), and Incheon National University (Prof. Deok-ju Ahn). Participates as a development agency.

The goal of the project is to secure lightweight materials and electromagnetic wave reduction technology to promote wireless charging services in the continuously growing electric vehicle market. Through this, we expect to localize electric vehicle wireless charging parts and modules, which are highly dependent on overseas, and improve domestic industry competitiveness.

KAIST leads the “electromagnetic impact analysis and shielding coil development” project, and the roles of each institution are as follows:

– Eta Electronics: 「Large output receiver power circuit design」

– BH EVS: 「Test environment construction/standardization and commercialization」

– The Gauss: 「Development of shielding material」

– LS Cable & System: 「Development of lightweight cable」

– Incheon National University: 「Power circuit design for EMI reduction」

Through this project, KAIST will play a pivotal role in localizing electric vehicle wireless charging technology and strengthening industrial competitiveness. We ask for your interest and support.