2023 봄 MO 세미나

3.2(목) 16:00 – Max Z. Li 교수(Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

■ 제목: Safety and privacy at multiple scales in Advanced Air Mobility(AAM)
■ 연사: Max Z. Li 교수(Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
■ 일시: 3.2(목) 16:00
■ 장소: KAIST 문지캠퍼스 강의동 L409호
■ 초록: Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) envisions multiple classes of uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) performing a wide variety of tasks ranging from package delivery to infrastructure inspections. The scale and complexity of initiating and integrating future AAM operations require new frameworks for UAS safety at multiple scales, as well as the consideration of privacy risks.
I will discuss UAS safety first at the scale of individual UAS trajectories, focusing on trajectory planning with high-level mission constraints and specifications. I will then shift to UAS safety from the scale and perspective of UAS traffic management (UTM), and present recent work related to distributed UTM between independent UAS service suppliers (USS), also known as Providers of Services for UAM (PSU). Switching to a lens of consumer privacy, I will touch on recent work that establishes a formal definition for consumer privacy risk in drone package delivery networks with Remote Identification (Remote ID) requirements. Time permitting, I will preview current and ongoing work related to establishing the value of privacy in consumer drone package deliveries, incorporating probabilistic privacy considerations in drone vehicle routing problems, and investigating Remote ID receiver coverage in UAM settings.
The work on safety in UAS trajectories is joint with Yash V. Pant (University of Waterloo), Rhudii A. Quaye, Alena Rodionova, Megan S. Ryerson, Rahul Mangharam (University of Pennsylvania), and Houssam Abbas (Oregon State University). The work on distributed UTM is joint with Christopher Chin (MIT) and Yash V. Pant. The work on privacy in drone package delivery networks is joint with Geoffrey Ding, Alex Berke, Kwassi H. Degue, Christopher Chin, Hamsa Balakrishnan (MIT), Karthik Gopalakrishnan (Stanford University), and Hejun Huang, Billy Mazotti, and Joseph Kim (University of Michigan).