Chen TianTian 교수님 한국연구재단 2024 Outstanding Young Scientist Grant Program 수상


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Chen TianTian 교수님께서 한국연구재단(NRF)의 2024 Outstanding Young Scientist Grant Program 상을 받으셨음을 알려드립니다.

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프로그램: 2024 Outstanding Young Scientist Grant Program
제목: Empowering Mobility for a Smart Aging Society: Development and Testing of Large Language Model-Based Driver Assistance Agent
자금 제공자: 한국연구재단(NRF)
지원 금액: 4억원
프로젝트 연도: 2024-2027
프로젝트 관리자: Chen Tiantian 교수님

Abstract: As South Korea becomes the world’s most aging country by 2045, addressing the surge in elderly-related traffic incidents is paramount. From 2016 to 2020, accidents involving elderly drivers increased from 86,304 to 114,795, with those over 75 facing a mortality rate four times the average. This project aims to revolutionize elderly mobility through an innovative Large Language Model (LLM)-based driver warning system. Unlike conventional in-vehicle systems, this personalized, LLM-driven solution adapts to individual driver needs, significantly enhancing road safety. By integrating smart ageing technology, this research not only promises a drastic reduction in traffic accidents but also empowers the elderly to maintain independence, boosting their confidence and quality of life. This pivotal approach is essential in addressing the urgent societal challenge posed by a rapidly aging population.