2023 Spring MO Seminar

6.1(Thu) 16:00 – Prof. Kichun Cho (Department of Smart Vehicle, Konkuk University)

■ Title: AI Applications to Autonomous Vehicles
■ Speaker: Prof. Kichun Cho(Department of Smart Vehicle, Konkuk University)
■ Date: 6.1(Thu) 16:00
■ Abstract: To achieve safe, efficient, and comfortable autonomous driving, perception, decision-making, and control technologies are crucial. In this seminar, we aim to introduce research on perception, SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), and decision-making and control techniques used in autonomous driving. Perception algorithms are implemented to gather meaningful surrounding environmental information, utilizing various sensor data such as cameras, radars, and lidars, as well as information fusion techniques. In this seminar, we will focus on lidar-based technologies, which use lasers to scan the surrounding environment and provide environmental information in the form of point clouds. Various point cloud processing techniques will be presented, including object detection, tracking, SLAM, and other algorithm research cases essential for autonomous driving. Additionally, we will introduce various techniques used to generate safe and efficient routes and trajectory for autonomous driving.