2024 Spring MO Seminar

6/7(Fri) 14:00 – Dr. Yang Xing  (Cranfield University)

Title: Cognitive Multimodal Interface Technology for Human-Swarm Collaboration
Speaker: Dr. Yang Xing  (Cranfield University)
Date and Time: June 7th (Fri), 2 pm – 3 pm
Venue: Room L409
Abstract: The landscape for human-swarm collaboration missions is evolving into a realm of increasing complexity, characterized by challenges in information gathering, signal processing, and decision-making. The vast and intricate nature of data within cyberspace, coupled with uncertainties in the physical environment, present formidable obstacles for both human operators and swarms alike. Consequently, achieving comprehensive and timely situational awareness of the environment is paramount for enabling real-time, high-quality decision-making in the context of next-generation human-swarm collaboration. To do so, the development of an intelligent and efficient information visualization interface which serves to augment human situational awareness and enhance corresponding decision-making capabilities is a key task. Leveraging the current advances of generative AI and multimodal human-machine interface technologies, a novel solution emerges to empower human operators in their collaboration with large-scale swarm systems. This presentation will delve into the intricacies of augmenting human situational awareness during interactions with aerial swarm systems. First, the physical and mental capacities of humans engaged in such collaborations will be discussed. Second, the utilization of generative AI technologies and the design of a multi-modal interface aimed at enhancing situational awareness and mitigating cognitive burdens will be described. Last, the existing limitations, challenges, and future trajectories in the development of advanced human-swarm collaboration frameworks will be summarized.